Hope this helps

Ladies who are Past due or are coming to their due date:
Please don't feel discouraged, we have came all this way and we can do it. We must embrace our bellies as well as enjoying the belly with baby kicking ;))). It's a beautiful moment we must cherish bc honestly it's a gift from God to be able to go through this. I had. 
I had my sweep done Tuesday for my 38+4 (2nd pregnancy with girl#2) appt and dilated 2cm and I'm still thick. I have been very active throughout this entire pregnancy. I had my bloody show a day after the sweep with cramps. Nothing happened though and I have been taking cinnamon tea (natural cinnamon sticks)  it gives me cramps or mild contractions but I hope this is helping me open up more :) 
To the moms who have already given birth CONGRATS 😀
Good luck to everyone!!!