Just venting

Hi everyone I'm Cristina, I'm 25, and I just wanna express myself how I'm feeling and what I'm going through. 
My wife and me meet 4 years ago in San Diego California. I was raised in San Diego pretty much my whole life, and she was stationed there and we meet in a gay club, go figure lol. We started dating and I found the love of my life, I can honestly say that she is the best human I've ever meet. She is the most kind, caring, loving, funny, beautiful, goofy...the list can go on and on. We got married November 5th 2014 and we were still living in San Diego. Since she's in the military, we got orders to move to the valley area, it's only a 5 hours drive from San Diego. I was very excited about the move being that before meeting her I had plans of moving out of San Diego and it is something I've always wanted to do. We found a beautiful home which made me more excited. With the move I had to leave my job and at the moment I'm a stay at home wife. I feel very lonely when my wife is not here, I try to keep myself busy, but there's so much house work and working out I can do. I try to text people back home and I get it they have lives too and are busy, but I've only been gone 3 weeks and the communication is less and less. Since she drove the movie truck and I drove one of our cars, right now we only have 1 car, so I can't really go any where. And it's so frustrating because I can't even take Bella (our dog) on walks without feeling safe because last time I did this big scary dog almost attaked us. I just want to stay positive and get out of this funk. I'm not sure if anyone will read this or not but if you do read this, I would really life to make a friend :)