Choroid plexus cyst and echogenic intracardiac foci

We just had out 2nd trimester ultrasound at 19 weeks, and found out we are having a boy! After the appointment we met with our midwife and she went over the ultrasound report. She said there were 2 things they found but she is not concerned about either of them. The first was a cyst in the brain where the spinal fluid is made, she said this is very common, had nothing to do with the function of the brain, and usually disappears by 32 weeks. The other thing was a bright spot on the heart, likely a calcium deposit. She said this also has nothing to do with the function of the heart, is very common, and also usually disappears by 32 weeks. We have the options to do nothing, have a more in depth ultrasound in 4 weeks, or have a regular ultrasound at 32 weeks. She said since my NT scan and bloodwork at 12 weeks was negative for any chromosomal issues she is not concerned bc those results trump the ultrasound results. The NT teat is 98% accurate and the ultrasound results are only 58% accurate. I'm telling myself not to worry but it is still hard, has anyone had either or both of these issues? Thanks!