My miracle IUGR baby❤️❤️

My little Benjamin was born at 37 weeks because of suspected IUGR. I was induced last Monday and they expected him to be about 5lbs. The risk of stillbirth was higher than they would have liked so they wanted him out early!! I had cytotec to soften the cervix. I started out at 1cm dilated and was 4 cm dilated after 4 hours. I wasn't feeling any contractions at all even though they were going off the charts! I had the epidural anyway just because I wanted one and then they broke my water. Things progressed pretty quickly after that. I started the induction process at 10am and had Benjamin at 9pm after twenty minutes of pushing. My family was camped out the entire labor😒 actually in the room!!! I kicked them out when it was time. Ben was born at 5lbs 8oz and scored 8 and 9 on his apgar tests. He passed every other test with flying colours!! The doctor gave an official diagnosis of IUGR after seeing my placenta, which was only about half the normal size. It was scary but everything turned out so well. This picture is Ben at 9 days old. He is now 5lbs5oz and eating and sleeping so well. He is an absolute doll. I loved having the support of the glow community throughout the pregnancy!! Thank you everyone!! ❤️❤️👼🏼