Tired and wanna go home

So I'm 30+3 weeks and my bf and I currently live in 2 different places (about 45 mins from each other) and his family went back to Jamaica for the week and he wanted to see me since we don't see much of each other right now and to make him happy I told him I'd stay the weekend. It's 6:20am and I've been awake 4 time since 11pm because his snoring and hard as a rock bed (at least it feels it to me and is killing my hips) are keeping me awake. It's already hard enough being here because since becoming pregnant I haven't really wanted to be around him and definitely don't wanna be cuddled on (yes I feel bad about it but I just can't get rid of the feeling). I honestly will be glad when Monday comes along so I can go home. It's gonna be a long exhausting weekend for me... 😕