Meningitis at work

Nicole • Was pregnant last year, missed it so much got prego again!!! . Social worker for the homeless. I have a infant and 4 dogs 🐶🐶🐶🐶 Second pregnancy a year later 😯
I supervise several staff members at a homeless shelter and I do the schedule. If someone is out sick I have to cover the shift If I can't find coverage.... Well I had to work overnight Saturday 😴 and I'm 34weeks. So I took today off and feel a little sluggish (witch is to be expected) I just received text messages from a staff member who called out all week with doc note with suspected menegities(she still needs to do another test/spinal tap) anyways I might need to cover her shifts 4-midnight but I already work 8am-4pm I could flex my hours a little, but is it risky to work when there's Meingities going around.? Would you work? 
I called the advise nurse and left a voicmail. 
What would you do? I'm not big on taking time off work