Sam sex couple going natural with donor

Hi I'm becca and my wife is kai, we are now ttc our first child and we have a donor all set up and everything, tomorrow we plan on going to get all the stuff for baby making. Ovulation tests, robutussin, evening primrose oil, prenatals, vitex and preseed. And we couldn't be more excited. The only lil problem that I have is the way we are going to ttc. I am the more fem and kai is the more stud type so, I'm going to carry of course but, we all decided including our donor that we will do it all natural, like I have actual sex with our donor. I feel a lil uncomfortable. But I guess I'm willing to go to any drastic measures to make sure I get pregnant. Any advice on that? And also, please please please any advice on what ya'll did to get pregnant! Any advice at all. What really worked, what didnt.. ect. I'd really appreciate it.