Second opinion

Everyone is telling me to break up with him but here's the story. Okay so me and my boyfriend has been dating for 7 months. And in like our 2nd month of dating he found out his ex girlfriend was pregnant. Okay I was okay with it because it happened before we got together. Now he literally texts her everyday and it kinda bothers me. Yes I know she's caring his child but.....damn, everyday? Really? So she is going to have the baby in the summer. And he asked me if I wanted to go. I said idk yet because I really don't know what to do. Like I'm in my feelings about it. I guess I'm a little jealous of the attachment that she is going to have with him forever. Would you go? How would you feel in this situation? Also the girl had a crush on him for 7 years before they started dating. The only reason why they broke up was because he moved to my city. And he also stated that he didn't know he was going to meet someone and date them and fall in love with someone a.k.a me when he moved, so he really wanted me to accept the fact. I love him with all my heart we actually moves in together. But I don't want to be considered the side piece. Because I'm the city he left from everyone in his family knows her and then there's little ole me that they barely know. I just idk help me pleaseeeee lol what would you do?