Strict hospital bed rest

Hi ladies,
I'm 29+1 weeks pregnant today, and I've been in the hospital since last Friday. I went in with cramps originally, but while I was kept overnight baby's heart rate decelerated for 8 minutes before going back up. I was then transferred to a hospital 2 hours away with good NICU care in the event they needed to deliver him. 
I was able to get up to use the bathroom for the first two days, but he kept having decelerations so I am now on a catheter and stuck in bed, trying to keep baby in longer. Everyone is stumped, because baby looks great beside the decelerations -- his heart rate always returns back to normal. They think he may be yanking or rolling on the cord.
Does anyone have any advice for strict bed rest? Or any similar experience with decelerations or baby's cord? I think I'm going to be here until he comes out. It's hard being so far away from home!