I don't know how to feel....maybe TMI

After 8 1/2 months TTC I found Out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. Went in for my first ultrasound for my first pregnancy... I should have been 9 weeks; however during the ultrasound the nurse tells me she has some bad news. My embryo didn't not develop past 5 weeks. She was sorry to tell me that I was having a miscarriage. I don't remember anything after she said that or what the doctor said to me, all I knew was that I was no longer pregnant and I was no longer going to have a baby in October... I had very minimal spotting twice before that which they said happened in 30% of first trimester pregnancies, but no other signs that this was going to happen to me. After I came home I almost instantly starting bleeding with a normal period flow. Later in the evening I had some clots. I also threw up five times and had a horrible headache. Today my flow has lightened to almost spotting. I have had periods of crying and other periods of calm. 
My SO keeps telling me that everything will be okay and we can try again, which is fine, but I'm still feeling sad.... And others are saying "well at least you weren't that far along".... Which doesn't make me feel better right now even though I understand why they would say that... It just feels like everyone thinks I'm supposed to just be okay because "it wasn't like a real baby" (which was also said to me)......
Just not sure how to get back to normal now..........? Is it normal to feel like this or am I overreacting?