Has anyone had a cold or sinus infection during delivery?

👪 5/6/2016🚜👣

I'm so afraid of this happening!!! This time of year I ALWAYS have a sinus infection, I get it like clockwork.

What if I have sinus pressure? What if I can't breathe? What if I get that gasping cough? What if my throat feels like it's gonna close? What if I get sneezing attacks cause the mucous tickles my sinuses? What if I pass out cause I can't breathe?

This has seriously been giving me some crazy anxiety! Like what do I even do? I get sinus infections BBAAAADDDDD like for a couple months at a time I'm absolutely miserable. And worst part of all, I feel like I have it starting now :( what do they do for you in the delivery room? Could this cause a c section if you can't breathe to push productively?