Such a big decision

Amy 🐙 • Nurse, 25, love my man of 8 great years very chilled in ttc baby number 1
So I'm 25 in a full time career as a nurse been with my so for 8 years living in the uk and currently renting but by the October November will have enough money for a deposit to buy a house. So we are both pretty much ready to start trying and I'm also secretly hoping he may propose soon lol but I'm not totally fussed. Most of my friends are having baby's and I find every wedding I go to I cry and endlessly stare at baby and then get emotional. But it feels like such a big decision to make our plan is so stop my pill properly the end of August as we go on holiday in August so ideally I suppose don't really want to be pregnant but then sometime I also dnt really care. No disrespect but there seems to be so many girls around who just dnt care have unprotected sex get pregnant and that's that but I feel like it's such a big decision one that's sometimes I think I want right now! And sometimes I think no I can wait till the end of August. Then I have my parents who I love dearly are divorced and both so different my dad is very chilled he's my bestie and is ready any time for grand babies my mum wants us to have a house first and is very forceful on that idea don't get me wrong I know I'm an adult but I'm an only child so I'm very close to my parents my mum is a little chilled now she knows we basically have the deposit but still all this combined I feel so torn as when to actually start trying a little advice wouldn't go amis or when you decided and why and did anyone else go through this internal predicament or am I just been a wuss