Good Guy Gone Bad 😕

So I met this guy and he's from Italy. Iand I knew he couldnt stay in the U.S. because of his Visa and until he becomes a citizen. My problem is... I really liked this guy and when he was here we would always hang out and talk constantly. And one night we like slept together( had sex) nothing changed e still wanted to see me and talk to me and I care about him. Until I found out he just got out of a 5 year relationship 3 months before meeting me. He tells me he will still talk with her but he doesn't wanna be with her. Now me being who I am I don't want him talking to her at all. But he says he will ... Thats like the only girls he's been with and I guess he considers her a friend. So I left it alone. Long story short... I told him I do like him and I know we both can't do long distance but I wanna still talk with him and he says he feels the same way. So he left and I asked him does he talk with his ex still and he says barely and then I found out that he lied to me about her moving away (I guess so I don't ask anymore questions about her) so I told him like we barely talk anymore and we don't Skype at all. He SAS he doesn't want a relationship with anybody. He enjoys His freedom.. And I understand that. I agree with him. But if u care about someone you would want to talk to that person regularless right. So I would see that he's online and he would ignore my messages and when I messages him the 2nd time he would get mad and say don't message him back to back its annoying. But turns around and says I see your messages doesn't mean I have to answer you. Like... His attitude completely changed towards me. And now we haven't spoken in 2 days so far... And I was suppose to go visit him in Italy. I don't want to anymore if were not even speaking....what should I do. Just wait for him to message me first??