Finding a job..

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and lost my job because I have health issues I can't be on my feet long. I haven't worked in about 2 or 3 weeks and my SO told me last night I need to get a job. Have any of you other mommies had any luck finding a job 6 months pregnant? I only have to work until June which is 2 months away. And I need a job where I can sit whenever and however often I need to and it will have to work around his work schedule because we only have one car and he can't drive because of flags on his license. I keep telling him no one is going to hire me because I'll only be working for 2 months and they'd have to work around all of that but he doesn't believe me. We live in a small town so I'll most likely have to travel an hour away or more for work so I would only be working a few hours at a time. I'm planning to go job hunting next week. Any suggestions on what type of place I should apply?? I've only ever waitressed (which I can't do now) and I've cut trees for a tree service (which is completely out of the question). I'm at a loss. I have no idea what to so.