What do you think of this

My fiance has a child from a previous relationship. She is the only child on our side. Her mom has a step daughter from her husband that is older than my step daughter and one with her husband that is younger. My step daughter has a an id bracelet for about 3 years now that her mom got her with her address and phone number on it. I never gave it a second thought because to me that was just a safety precaution. I have now just noticed than neither of the other 2 children have one just my step daughter.

My step daughter is very shy and wont talk to or even go with anyone unfamiliar to her and sometimes even people she knows. Her moms youngest runs off and talks to strangers and follows them. I have seen this happen on many occasions and mom and dad arent even watching or paying attention. I would think it would be good for the youngest to have one since she is most likely the one to need it. Now im thinking mom just got one for step daughter because she doesnt trust us with her and if she were to get lost that she would be contacted first and try to use that against us. Though i have no worries on that because my step daughter never leaves our sight or side when out anywhere. the mom has found every excuse not to agree to 50/50 for years now even though we are the most fit parents for many reason with discipline school making sure his daughter goes to bed at her bedtime that mom set. At moms house she goes to bed and hour and half later with us she is in bed and asleep at bedtime or 15 min give or take. We only let her stay up late on special occasions on weekends never school nights. We do all homework with her or correct homework done wrong at moms or make up for homework not done at moms on her days. We discipline and stick to our rules so daughter is very well behaved with us. Mom calls complaining that she doesnt listen at her home and the only way to get her to listen is my SO talking to her. After going through this for years im now just realizing her mom is trying to set us for failure any way she can. This id bracelet is definitely one of them. Daughter actually wants to take it off because she hates it now but we wont let her because we know its important for any emergency