Partner Won't Have Sex 😒

Olivia • 22 years old, single momma 👣 Dominic A. was born April 28, 2016 👶🏼
So the other day; my partner and I went for a walk because it was so gorgeous out, but I was in a lot of pain while walking (cramps every 2-3 minutes in my pelvis). We were a little worried because I'm currently 36weeks, so I was careful and stayed off my feet till I saw my midwife again. I discussed this with my midwife today and she said that although it's painful, it's normal because my baby is now lower than before and sitting in my pelvis at this point. She said my cervix could be thinning as well but they don't check so there's no way of knowing. I was told that light walking is still safe and so is sex. Since that walk though, my partner is afraid to have sex with me 😒 He's afraid I may go into labour if we try, and he's afraid of putting me in pain again like when we were walking. I get he doesn't want to hurt me, but I'm a woman with needs! 😩 Anyone else's partner like this?