Can I get some advice please

Brittanny • ❤+💙💙💙+🫄+👼+👼+👼+👼
I got my period in Feb. It lasted 7 days. I had sex with my hubby March 6th. Spotted on the 7th but it only lasted until the 8th. We had sex again on the 12th. I was supposed to get my period around the 20th, but it never showed. We had sex again on thr 21st and 25th. I did take a pregnancy test but got a bfn. I have been mean to my hubby and I also cried for no reason for 3 days, have had mild cramps and I also had a butterfly feeling too and now still no period..... I'm kind of scratching my head at this point. Any advice would be fantastically appreciated. Thanks