*RANT* People really piss me off 😡

Julia • Married, w/ baby sofia😘
So I'm about to go on a walk with my five month old daughter to go check the post since I'm expecting a few packages to come in. I have postpartum depression and my doctor says I need to force myself to get out of the house regularly for fresh air. 
Anyways, as I'm walking out a group of old men in the lobby of my building start harassing me like, "you're not going out with that baby", "back in my day mums didn't leave the house till the baby was six months old", "you're gonna make that baby freeze to death", etc. I'm like, first of all who are you to tell a stranger if she can leave her house and when? You don't even know how old my daughter is, and second. Babies get their shots at 2 months old so there isn't much point of staying locked in my home feeling sorry for myself now is there? (Not to mention it's a nice spring day, the nicest it has been all year)
I understand that some people mean well but they should know when to mind their own. Especially when it comes to being downright rude and not knowing what the hell youre talking about. Sorry if this isn't exactly controversial but I needed to vent and didn't know where to put it.