Baby girl names?!?

Josie • Cosmetologist ✂ Nature lover🌲🌻 NLB♡ Matix Roy💙Sienna Colleen🌸 & baby due May 20th
In this great state of utah, in which I live.... people seem to think of a word and put "lyn" or "ley" on the end of it. Which no disrespect to anyone who has done this but my hormones make me very opinionated, and for whatever reason I feel the need to express these opinions. I would love it if someone with my similar outlook on names would help me out? I know my boy names... but very stuck on girls. So far I love Violet, Reese, Piper, and Marlie. I like simple & old school. I dont like sounds with lyn or lee on the end. 😭😢😓 ps for some reason im now crying.