In response to "Confessions of A Newlywed"

Marriage isn't bashing each other and screaming. Marriage doesn't even have to be fighting at all. Why can't adults just be adults and communicate in a healthy manner? Just because I don't get into raging arguments with my husband doesn't mean we lack in the passion department. It just means we are mature enough to disagree respectfully. Marriage is nothing but beautiful and I despise when people say marriage is ugly or hard. Marriage is a union between two people who are committed to each other, not a fighting match that wakes the neighbors. This is why people live together before they move in. This is why people shouldn't rush into marriages. I can passionately love my husband without passionately fighting with him. My first year of marriage was absolute perfection. We never disagreed, we never yelled. It was filled with early marital bliss and numerous intimate getaways. Marriage isn't dirty, raw, or frustrating at all. Contrary to your belief, marriage is what you make of it. And my husband and I make it beautiful, loving, and peaceful. I fear you and many others lack the qualities of a true and happy marriage.