Am I Stressing Myself Out- Clearblue Digital Weeks

Nykki • Newlywed (kinda), a Texas transplant exploring the Pacific Northwest and a future 1st time mommy.
So it's 2:45 AM and I'm already cried my eyes out. Saturday afternoon I took a Clearblue digital that read 2-3 weeks. Now fast forward to last night and this morning around 1:30 AM both test are reading 1-2 weeks. My beta Sunday in the ER was 230 with a doubling time of 41 hours (my urine hcg was negative). I'm freaking because I had bright red spotting Sunday when wiping and scant brown spotting when wiping a few times this week. Not to mention yesterday during my nap, I had a dream I miscarried and stood up from my seat with a blood stain. I think I'm going to request a beta today. I'm just afraid it's a long slowly dragging miscarriage in process. I'm partly stressed out due to medical history (Multiple Sclerosis, PCOS and Hypothyoidism). I'm so emotionally drained by all the what ifs, I'm afraid I'm going to make myself ill. I pray I'm just dealing with lower levels of hcg in my urine. Sorry for the long post, but I needed to get it off my chest.