Opinions on traveling .

My husband and I have his friends wedding to attend and I will be 36 weeks pregnant . What scares me is it is a 3 hours away drive  from home out of state.  I don't want to risk it . I don't know if I'm being silly though. My daughter came at 38 weeks. The problem with my husband just going is that I don't have family or friends in this state to take me hospital in case of emergency. Everyone is atleast 2 hours away and he will be 3 hours away . I need to have a c section so if I go in labor before my scheduled day I have to go right In for my c section. He thinks it's rude if one of us doesn't go so he's determined to go and only stay a little while . Am I being rude for wanting him to stay? Do you think it's silly not to go just bc I will be 36 weeks? I need opinions . Plus I am going to ask my doctor what they think? 
It's 2 months away but I am stressing so bad . I know my husband will fight to go bc he feels like it's the right thing to do for his friend but what about me ? I feel like he will be neglecting my feelings ? Also when is the latest you would travel 3 hours away by car?  
I heard insurance won't even cover u if u give birth out of state ?