Choroid Plexus Cysts

Just looking for some reassurance here. I had my anatomy scan on Tuesday at 19 weeks 3 days. Everything looked great, but my doctor pointed out two choroid plexus cysts - one on each side of my baby's brain. She said she wanted to refer me to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for a more in depth ultrasound - but overall she said that because my genetic testing came back normal and I had no other indicators, it's more of a precaution than anything. 
I did some research that day but I didn't want to go too far into the depths of the internet and see stuff that would freak me out more. I will say that what I did see was generally positive and that most people who have them diagnosed end up having them disappear before the baby is born. I am just curious if anyone here has had this come up before and can offer some more reassurance or just let me know what their experience was like... Thank you in advance 🙂