Okay so last time I posted with my cramping and whether to go to the hostpital. Okay did that. And I was closed no water broke. Nothing. Did however have the strong Braxton hicks. Now however, last night I sneezed and I'm assuming just piddled pee a little bit and went to bed. This morning I got up to pee and layed back down(didn't feel like getting up yet) and I feel trickling coming out of me with cramping to follow. Then it stopped(the trickling) then it happened a little more and I got this really really really strong cramp.. I don't wanna be that girl(like said previously) and cry wolf even though I'm just worried. Bc I went up there Tuesday and they said I was closed. And my next doctor appointment is next Friday.. If that is my water leaking I don't wanna wait that long and something happen to my baby. I do work today. Should I just go on with my day assuming it's pee since he is head down and and just keep timing my contractions ? Or go to the hospital and sit for 2 +hours