Squirting? Very TMI

Okay.....soooo ahm....I'm not sure how to word this....here goes lol

I'm a young adult woman, and i want so badly to have a squirting orgasm, I've had one before...just one, with my partner of 6.5 years, literally in the first year so was a looooong time ago. We've tried to achieve it again, he's spent like over an hour down there trying to stimulate my G-spot enough and we've tried the position we where in when it happened the first time, but nothing! I tried to do it myself tonight (and have tried myself a few time's actually) and it's probably the closest I'll ever get, see I've googled and read how it happens and what happens during, and tonight after building myself up for well over half an hour, i definately orgasmed, it was intense and literally was pushing my fingers out (was using two) was super strong and lasted longer then a lot of my previous orgasms, and it definately felt exactly how I'd seen it described in all the article's ive read about achieving it, but there was NO squirting and when i managed to gently get my fingers back in it was as if the G spot vanished as if it just kind of lost all the swelling as if the little gland that you squirt from had in fact emptied, however i DID manage to orgasm AGAIN within 5 minutes and that one wasn't as intense but still happened and i kept my figers in and tried the come hither motion with a lot of pressure to try push anything in there, out from behind it, but still nothing.....so given all this information, i want to ask, is it possible for a woman to just not be able to squirt all that easily? If it weren't for that once of, i would ask is it possible for a woman not to be able to squirt at all, no matter how hard you try? Or any extra tips to help achieve it, what works for you ladies?