Other half wants to formula feed

I have always known that I was going to breastfeed. Now that I'm expecting (due July), I'm really looking forward to it- providing nutrition and all the other benefits of feeding breastmilk- and if my body can produce enough, I want to exclusively feed breastmilk. My SO thinks there are benefits to formula feeding and he wants to alternate between breastmilk and formula. One of his reasons were, "when you're not around, the baby will fuss for the nipple". He doesn't think I can produce enough milk. He also wants to cosleep with the newborn which I think is crazy. He thinks these objections are selfish and that I'm not letting him make contributions to our baby's upbringing. However, he has chosen our health coverage plan, my birthing hospital, and refused to let my mom be there during labor and delivery- which I have accepted. Am I being selfish? I just want to breastfeed/breast milk feed if I can and NOT cosleep until the baby is at least 4/5 months.