Nervous 10+4

I won't ramble on about my history I had a previous ectopic sept 15 it ended in a ruptured Fallopian tube. I have been closely monitored with this pregnancy am now 10+4, I had my first midwife appointment as a normal pregnancy today instead of a high risk so I was made up to reach a mile stone. I mentioned to the midwife my symptoms seem to have cleared up and she wasn't alarmed. This evening I was standing up and felt a flow down below. I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was bright red blood. I burst in to tears and rang the emergency room they have booked  me an emergency scan tomorrow morning. Im posting this on here as I don't want to tell my family anything yet as his baby has been our only hope since loosing my little sister in December. I am so scared. I did clean the house when i got back today and hoovered the stairs and everything am hoping i have just over done things but I can't help reflecting on what I said to the nurse I have no symptoms anymore!!! Am so scared X