Guess who's hatchin 🐣

This bird does not care about me lol I've posted about this before 
I walked up to the bird house to check if it had anything in it, because we had brutal weather and its like about to fall off the tree. I saw her poke her head out so I went and opened the box and she just sat there. Showed me her eggs and let me take a picture with flash and everything. I wanted to fix the screws that are keeping the house on the tree but I didn't want to piss her off. So I just left and she watched me walk away peeping through her hole. Today, like a week later (I'm really trying to leave her alone) but we had more brutal weather yesterday and I really don't want it to fall off the tree and kill her babies. So I walked outside, opened the box and she was there. So I closed it and went and sat on my porch which is like 60 feet away, this tree is way out there, like 30 minutes later I saw her leave. I went to the nest and screwed the screw that's holding the bird house to the tree back into the tree, it was about to fall out. (Don't worry about the smell, that's a myth, birds have an underdeveloped sense of smell and she won't smell me and abandon her young) anywho, i noticed that they are hatching and took a picture. I zoomed in super close so that you can see.  After I walked back to my porch I saw her go back into the nest and she still hasn't come out of it. Nature is the best thing ever. I spent my entire childhood outside watching baby birds hatch, grow and fly away.