Being kicked out of the house

So I'm 32 w 3 days, due mid July. My husband and I live in his moms house and she is never here so we have the house to ourself. His mom is psychotic let me tell you, like she is a crazy person and flips out on anything and everything like she has something wrong with her. All of a sudden she is kicking us out of the house and she said we have until next Sunday, oh but wait... She said now we have to be out TODAY!! She called out of work and will be changing all the locks. My husband lost his job and is currently trying to find a new one, I have a cashier job where I get maybe $800 a month which goes to all bills so idk how we can afford rent somewhere. We already receive food stamps, Medicaid and WIC... Do they do housing as well? We were both in the Military but we don't get any benefits AT ALL from them. Like I'm really lost and don't know what to do. This is the first time waking up to my stomach hurting and I hope little man waits until July! I guess I need to go start packing my stuff, it's 7:38 am. I have work at 10a-4 and can't call out because we need the money. 😢😥😪😓