Pregnant but still can't believe it

Maggie • 18 years old♍️engaged to the love of my life?recovering from the loss of my first?
Hi guys a few weeks ago i missed my placebo week period(I was on the pill) so I took 5 pregnancy tests and found out I was pregnant I then went to my doctor and had it confirmed a week after that. I'm 6 weeks and 2 days and I've been having the common symptoms (sore breasts, nausea, tired all the time etc.) I won't have my first ultrasound for another week or maybe longer and for some reason I still can't wrap my head around being pregnant! I thought I was suppose to feel a certain way but I feel like I'm not pregnant and I really need the assurance of seeing it on an ultrasound but until then has anyone ever had this too or am I the only one??