Sex in 3rd Trimester Help

Me and hubby went to have sex tonight, and he was getting my juices flowing and he stuck his finger in to prepare me...since its been a few weeks since we've had sex (I was put on bedrest but now I'm off) anyway, and he couldn't even get his whole finger in because he was hitting my cervix. Would it have like...moved out of the way if we did have sex, or would he have just continued to hit it? Also, babies head is RIGHT there. I stuck my finger up there and it was hard. We ended up not having sex because I was afraid it would hurt to bad (only his finger was halfway up me and it was hurting) I DID get him off though, because I'm a wonderful wife lol but I just wanted to know your thoughts. 
First time reaching 34 weeks in a pregnancy. This is our rainbow baby. 💕