To use Medicaid or not

I'm 24 and currently 6 months pregnant. I just got a letter saying that I got approved for Medicaid (pregnancy only) and that when my baby girl is born she'll have full Medicaid as well. I mentioned this to my mother and she flipped out. I'm on her insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) and I was just trying to be responsible and try to take care of business since I'm going to be off of her insurance later on this yr. my job offers health insurance but I had turned it down before I knew I was pregnant (going to enroll once I'm dropped off my moms). She's telling me to not use the Medicaid and if I do I'm stupid and everything else under the sun. She's also mad because my baby has full Medicaid (based off my income) rather then having All Kids. She said they're going to treat my baby badly and my dr is going to be shitty. I'm just confused. Should I use the Medicaid for myself or just use my mom insurance? I didn't lie on the application or anything. I stated I had insurance and everything. Should I keep the full Medicaid for my baby or just get something different for her?
I thought I was making a good decision.