Ive posted an got no answers πŸ€”

Amber β€’
So this is the second time ive posted this.... but no responses from anyone people will view but wont give me a response.... this is my 4th pregnancy i have never bled with any of my babies that are living.... so i was kinda freaked out..... my SO an i were doing the naughty well i felt wierd so we stopped.. an realized i was bleeding but it was only on him an it was not like fresh blood... mind you i freaked an was emotional so my man took me to the ER ... they did blood work did an ultrasound which made me cramp because it was an internal one...... well the doctor came in an just was like its a miscarriage but your 5wks an 4days but i told him i eas no longer bleeding an it stopped before i even got to the ER but my SO wanted me to get checked.... he said my hormone level was 15000 but he wants me to go to my doctor to get my hormone checked again to make sure it goes up.... has anyone had a.similar situation or something like this happen.... he just has me trippin because he is certain it was that but i dont think he was right because i still feel pregnant.... idk any advice would help an please no negitivity