I(f) met a fuck-buddy online, minimal talking, straight to business (mf)


Throwaway because. Don’t have any friends I’m willing to share this with, so I’m dropping this story here so at least I can get it out…

Browsing online ads, came across a guy near me. Simple, to the point. He was hung and looking. I was in a rut, and decided this was going to be my 2015 yolo. Message him, get a reply. Our exchange is very direct, and I actually like it this way. No feelings or shit, I’m still taking a break from that stuff. We exchange some pics on request to verify we are who/what we say we are. We don’t get into specifics, but I basically list what I’m up for (happens to be what he’s up for according to his ad). I get an address.

I do worry briefly that I’m about to get murdered. He lives in a very nice house, nice part of town, so I get over it and continue with my yolo.

He meets me at the door. Smells great, freshly showered. We had agreed to go straight to it, so we do. We go to his living room. I undress, he nods and points to a chair. He undresses and sits, I kneel. We’ve exchanged less than 5 words, and I’m taking him in my mouth.

And yep, he’s big. I do my best. I had agreed to attempt to deepthroat him, but can’t quite manage. My attempts turn him on, however and he finishes vigorously. Fuck it was hot. I continued to suck him and he’s fully hard again in about 5 minutes. He gets up, I climb on the chair. A thorough, rough fucking followed, and I limp back home and sleep like a baby, after thanking him very profusely. 

We met 4 more times. :)