So sad I feel totally unwanted and unappreciated

So since sun I have been trying to have sex with my husband and normally anytime I just try to start kissing him and touch him he just rejects me or will peck me and is like I don't want to make out so I know it hurts way more when I try to come on to him then if I just ask him babe wanna come downstairs with me an have some fun and every single time it's not right now I'm not in the mood and it's like ok I know it's not the best way it's better if you start kissing him or go sit on his lap and kiss him then start touching him but every time I try that I can't even get that far cuz he won't kiss me...he never just wants to even kiss me just to so some affection it turns into a peck or he's like get off me your hurting my legs or just pushes me away from the gate before I can sit on him and try in the first place and I feel it hurts more when rejected that way then just asking and then today I asked him especially since he's been working every day since last Wed today is his day off and he's been taking all these hrs which is wonderful but I need some time with my husband too and I need some attention and affection like sometimes a girl just needs to be held and made feel wanted and special.. And he said no again I'm not in the mood I was like ok but how come every time I've asked you lately you just tell me no I'm tired of being rejected he said no you're not being rejected in just not in the mood I said babe I've been asking for the past 3 days sat is the only day you gave it to me and that's cuz I got you hard while sleeping and jumped on top of you and again I had to do everything and as soon as you came it was over like I didn't even get to get off at all as soon as I started getting there I had to stop cuz he came and it was only after 6 mins ever since I got pregnant I've been so horny and constantly wanting sex but couldn't have it two weeks ago he ended up getting hand foot and mouth we still don't know from where but I couldn't touch him at all till he was all better he's finally better and sat was the first time I just jumped his bones while he was sleeping to wake him up and like I said I didn't even get to get off...I'm totally offended I just don't know what to do I've told him how turned on I am all the time especially since I've got pregnant and still he just watches TV plays his phone or video games.. Last night I asked him if he could just cuddle me and hold me and he was like not right now I don't feel like laying down and it's like we didn't need to lay down I could lean on you and you put your arm around me and we could watch TV but he I guess just wanted to be in his phone and then I waited a little while and asked again he said no I'm hungry I'm gonna eat I'll do it after didn't go get food for 30 min then after he made food I went up and got something too I said are you coming down after your done he said yes josh is gonna finish my game(he started playing video games while eating ok cool)he was done before I went down and I said goodnight to his brother kinda hinting like come on babe..he didn't come back down for an hr...and what's crazy is he never does anything special for me at all on our anniversary and it's this Thursday you'd think he'd try to be off that night or whatever but no ok I get it money is important and we need it so I haven't brought it up but we find out what we are having this Fri the day after our wedding anniversary and I've mentioned it so much last month an he still hasn't said anything about it at all I asked him his work schedule for this week so I could figure out what time he was off Thursday and he is off today and wed but told his boss who wanted him to work today that he'd work Wed if she wanted but he hasn't seen his kids or wife and now he just wants to play games like I want some freaking attention am I wrong for wanting this...our baby is due November 9th and on Thursday he works 11a to 6p..I figured since he isn't gonna do anything I could set the bed up nice and get all sexy for when he comes home but the fear of being rejected and him saying I'm exhausted from working I'm not in the mood or his boss asking him to stay later most likely to close and having it all setup and getting a text I'm closing tonight and it'd all be for nothing either way...his excuse most of the time why he didn't or doesn't do things is money we dunt have the money or he says I expect too much and he's not into the romance and that it's all bull shit and on TV and movies and that men and husbands don't really do those types of things and it hurts so much I just always feel so hurt and like crap cuz I see my friends and others post how their husband's or boyfriends do these special things for them and then every time it really matters I don't get anything not even being held and a great kiss session with us caressing one another's bodies or something even like great mind blowing it's like what do I need to do to get these things I've expressed how much it would mean to me and how much I really want it but every time I try to bring it up and talk about it I am told it's unrealistic it doesn't really happen and for the people who do get it he said it's just them in the beginning of their relationship trying to woo their girls...I'm like well babe I want to be wooed I want to feel like that and then he turns it around on me and says well you don't do it for me..and I'm like babe I only don't do it cuz you reject me so much like every year at Christmas for example I have to watch everyone's husband's get them this awesome gift or something meaningful to have a good time later type thing or jewelry and then I get my husband something (most of the time he just wants bud cuz he smokes so that's what I get can't give that in front of the family) and I always have nothing not even like a sexy little card he makes me that says I get a special day of pampering from him or something... Valentine day my bday our wedding anniversary.. And he always blames it on money esp I was the only one working for the longest now I'm not working and he is I had a job but I couldn't stand and do it 11.5 hrs a day and I started cramping so I quit...but I want sex I want to feel desired and loved and not have to do all the work and like then as soon as he cums it's over and he doesn't even try to make sure I got off as well he thinks cuz I'm wet or I squirt cuz I do that..that it means that I came.. I tell him I want to keep going cuz I didn't and he's like yes you did three times or whatever at the time...I feel your pussy get tight and when you squirt.. I'm like that does mean I'm done and got there and he's like I can't go anymore or doesn't even bother to like give me head or finger me till I's starting to really bother me so much..