Early symptoms

Has anyone else had early symptoms and still gotten a negative test? I still have about 5 days until the earliest point I can test, I'm not due for AF until the 16th. I was inpatient and tested yesterday but got a negative. I have had dry mouth and a thirst that can't be quenched for a few days now. My boobs were aching so bad yesterday (worse then they ever have from AF) and this morning I woke up nauseous and have been exhausted all day. I have just been feeling "off" for a few days. I am trying not to psych myself out too much or read too much into the symptoms because I am afraid the next test will be negative too. This would be my first pregnancy and I'm trying to stay cautiously optimistic. I've seen so many comments saying that it would be too early for symptoms and I am starting to feel crazy! Anyone else out there with early symptoms?