Planned parenthood

Victoria • Almost 20 engaged to the most amazing man. Just trying to get by.
This is a rant. I really don't mean to offend anyone I'm just super pissed of which is why my language is so strong. I promise when I'm not pissed I'm a nice person. 
So I need to make a gyno appointment because I need to renue my birth control and get checked for cyst due to the fact that I have been in extreme pain recently. Now I do have insurance but let me just say it is shit. My plan is united health care Florida healthy kids. I'm 18 and the insurance lasts till I'm 19. Well all the gynecologist in my area are either booked months in advance or won't take my insurance cause I'm "too old to use it" I can't wait too long for my appointment due to the fact that I am almost out of my bc and if I don't get the cyst checked and cared for something bad could happen. I just moved to a different city so I'm finding a new doctor which is the problem of this as well. Now that you have the back story I will get into my rant. Since I can't get a normal doctor at this time I want to use planned parenthood for my needs which is supposed to be able to help people with little money which is definitely me. I'm broke I only have $6 at the time and my dad doesn't have much to give me at the time cause people won't pay him. Well due to the fact that planned parenthood is no longer funded by state because bitch ass idiot screamed it is only for abortion I don't know if I can afford $100-$200 visit to care for what I need. So all of you super conservative people thank you so much for possibly causing me to get pregnant and need an abortion or have ovarian cysts burst and put me in the hospital. I hope you are glad that you are reducing an "abortion" company and causing people like me that really need female care to possibly go without. 
On another note if anyone knows a way for me to get my planned parenthood cost cut please help I'm in desperate need I've been bed ridden with a heat pack for close to a week now. 
Edit I'm so swollen from the possible cyst that my shorts don't fit too well and trust me I know I'm not pregnant. I should be able to go tomorrow or Thursday cause I'll work things out with family.