Krispy Kreme 😍

My husband showed me a weird picture of a glazed donut where the middle of it was glazed over and looked like a butthole. It was funny, yes, but my stomach hasn't stopped growling since (being 6 months pregnant and all. Lol) Β My fiancΓ© heard it and was like "was that your stomach?!" I told him it was all his fault for showing me that donut butt and now I want Krispy Kreme's. He called his brother who lives next door and said "the kids are asleep so Cate has to stay here with them but I want to go get her donuts. Wanna come?" So he walked over to our house (his brother is 13 and we live next door to him and the in laws) they're going to get me donuts. I'm so happy I could cry!!Β