Hey lady's, 
So this topic is a topic which makes me really mad these days. I gues the problem has ever been there, but I experience it as so relevant in these days and that the problem is getting bigger. Pornography is more and more accepted in Society, the consumption is getting more and the consumers are also getting younger and younger. 
In my opinion pornography kind of "ruins" relationships and it messes up the vision men have of the ideal woman and the ideal body of a woman. 
To the first reason - that it messes relationships up - I have a short example. There is this girl, I know a little bit of her story, she was in a relationship with a guy who was a vergin. When it came to the moment where they decided to get intimat she was shocked because he "knew so much". That was the moment when she found out that he knew all of that from pornography.
Sometimes really hard stuff is shown in porns and I believe that virgin men can be influenced by that and start believing that women like everything shown in pornography. 
That is the one point. And in the other hand I experience it as not honorable, and valuable towards the woman that is in a relationship with a guy, when he is watching often women. 
Do you get what I'm talking about? Commonly pornography is so called "the new drug" and people can get really addicted to it. And I know I have a very radical mindset to that, so I am asking you; what do you think about pornography, men watching pornograohy, men influencing their relationships and visions of women in a negative way by consuming pornography? 
Let talk about it.