Husband prioritising his family over the baby..advice please!!

I am 33 weeks pregnant and until now I have done only clothes shopping for the baby myself. My husband kept saying he will shop for everything else such as nappies, formula milk, car seat, cot, toys etc in May after his 3 weeks holiday to see his family in Pakistan. He took a loan for the visit as he couldnt afford to go but his father insisted that he needs to attend. He also did shopping for his family. Since he is back from Pakistan, he just keeps saying that his family needs money and they are financially struggling and not even once my hisband talked about buying baby's essentials. Yesterday I asked him for the baby and he went on and on for 15 minutes telling me that he prioritise his parents and will send them money around £500 and whatever is left can be spent on baby! It is our first child and this just breaks my heart. Which father would do this? He has 2 brothers one in Dubai and one living with parents who does no work or study and just pushing my hisband to sponsor him to the UK. They have made my husband focus only on them since the holiday and I do not know what to do. Please help me i am so upset