My beautiful white people

Don't let people tell you, like I have seen here, that white people are the "devil"(saw this exact thing stated with my own ūüĎÄ) or that we are all part of the problem or that you have no culture or support a system of discrimination. ¬†White people helped to end slavery, risked jail/hanging to help with the Underground Railroad. ¬†Helped pass legislation that ended segregation. ¬†Perhaps you are married to a POC, and yourself are struggling with how to raise your biracial children, fearing they will be treated differently. ¬†Maybe you have stood proud while someone else has judged you for being in a relationship with someone who is another race. ¬†Maybe you think what Muhammad Ali said about mixing races was wrong. ¬† Maybe you think it's beautiful. ¬†Just don't forget you are beautiful, for being white, for standing up to people in your own race who cling to old, tired racist ideas. ¬†For not looking at someone's skin and making assumptions. ¬†
This isn't about the light not shining on white people, it's about uplifting white people, who are constantly put down on this app for things from the past that they had no control over and may be actively trying to stop continued wrong doings.  I've seen continued posts about "Red Devils" (in reference to white people) no culture, the sun bitch slaps them, they hate their own skin if they tan, they have monkey blood, they have tails, etc.  those hurtful things are not okay, and I just wanted to make sure my white people recognize that these things are not true, they do have good hearts, and have even gone against their own race in breaking down these barriers.  If they hadn't could you imagine how long slavery would have continued? 
EDIT # 2
It's not about being fragile, it's about reminding white people that they are more than what so many on this app reduce them to.  It's literally congratulating people who have done the right thing to help end these things.  If there wasn't enough white people who stood up and said it was wrong, slavery could have continued for even longer.  To disparage the role white people played in ending slavery is not right.