Baby is coming!!!!

Nayibe • 💑👶🏼👦🏼🌈
I had a doctors appointment this morning to check my fluids, turns out hey we're pretty low so I am getting admitted to deliver either tonight or tomorrow morning, wish me and my little nugget good luck. My July 10th baby will be here a month early, yikes! 
UPDATE: I went to get induced and had iv in, pretty much the whole shabang. As they were getting ready to put in the medicine they called in a specialist to do another ultrasound because they thought my babies kidney had a double collecting duct so it wasn't allowing urine to be emptied out which is why my fluid was low, specialist determined fluid was low but still on the "normal" side. She decided to let me go home and try to wait another week or two so the baby isn't considered a premie, so irritating. On the plus side baby is great! Thanks for your comments ladies