Misdemeanor charge and job?

My husband is currently waiting on his background check to come back from a distribution center. I believe we mentioned on the application that he had a misdemeanor charge for marijuana (yes it was a stupid thing, but he's completely quit now, he paid his charges off a week after the court hearing and took full responsibility for his actions. He hasn't gotten into any trouble other than that)

Well they called him for the physical, he passed, then they called him to sign for the background check and the drug test. His friend who applied didn't get it because he had thc in his system, the friend also has a felony conviction from last year, but they told him the reason he wasn't hired was for the thc (which makes sense since it is illegal in the state). But that's not my concern, just some info.

My question is, has a misdemeanor charge messed up your potential job offer? They set him up orientation date and everything for the 20th of this month, but that was before he did the background check paperwork. And I honestly don't remember if I had to mention it on the application or not. I THINK I did, but this pregnancy brain is killing me.

Please don't judge him by the way, like I said it was a one time thing and he is not happy with himself for getting in trouble and he has since stopped so he won't get into anymore trouble and can find a good job.