How likely am i to be pregnant?


I had unprotected sex on June 2nd. My fertile window began on the 7th and ends on the 12th. My ovulation day says the 10th.

I talked to my mom about it because she is a nurse and she said that it's pretty unlikely because sperm only live for 5 days maximum but that she couldn't guarantee anything. She is making me an appointment sometime in this month to go have everything checked out. And she wants to get me on birth control. I am nervous about many things. I'm nervous about going to the dr. What is it like? Is it weird? I'm worried that I won't remember to take my birth control pills. I am constantly forgetting things and this is an important thing that I can't forget. Any suggestions on how to remember? I can't exactly set an alarm because my dad can't know I'm on it. And I'm supppppppeeeerrrrr scared that I'm gonna end up pregnant. I love kids and I do want them..... Just not right now.