Am I been irrational

So this week we got keys to our new house but we don't have to be out of our old house for over a month. I wanted to do everything slowly as we have a 4 month old and I'm currently 2 and a half months pregnant. But my OH wanted it done this week. Anyway we were at the new house yesterday sorting some stuff and he went out for a bit to watch a big football game while I staid behind because the baby was asleep. This was at 2pm. I had no pram or enough bottles for any longer than 5-6pm yet when I text him after the game he's having to much fun to come back and I have to find a way home with the baby to sort feeding him. Bearing in mind I have £0 and even if I did my bank card was in his wallet. I managed to get a lift home with his friends girlfriend but when I asked what time her coming home I'm nagging and he won't be out late he promises. We don't have a lot of money this month due to the move and we said we were not going out. He doesn't have a house key so I can't lock up and go to bed and he doesn't roll home until 1am. Yet I'm the one that's been unreasonable and he deserves time to himself. Iv had to give up everything for him and these children and I never leave the house. I had 3 jobs before we had kids and now I'm stuck wishing I could be working with no money while he does what he wants when he wants and we're just an after thought. Sorry for the rant I'm probably wrong but I just needed to get it out 
He slept on the sofa and now today won't talk to me or even look at me or the baby