A little introduction! 5w1d

Alexsa - 💍‘16– 👨‍👩‍👧 ‘17– 🤰’19 ❤️
Yesterday marked a new milestone in my relationship with my husband as I took the test and it came through as a Definite positive result! Unexpected yet slightly anticipated, we are both still in a bit of shock-- I think me more so than him! We got married on the 29th of May this year and pretty confident that our wedding week is what has produced this amazing gift. 
I've had a miscarriage in the past and am So hesitant to get excited this early, so we have only told my mother since she knew about my miscarriage before-- hence the ramble in this post! I have to tell Someone before I implode!! 
His family we are sure will be thrilled because he had a vasectomy done roughly 5 years ago-- before we met-- and a couple months back we found out that the procedure had "naturally reversed" itself and he was now "extremely fertile".  
Man did he prove that right!