Hello March '17 Ladies!

On the 14th I was 9DPO and got a BFN, which I kept a secret from my SO because we were fighting a little bit.
We've been fighting for the last three days but made up last night. This morning I woke up feeling really good! Glow told me I could take a test this morning and so I gave my SO a big kiss and then head off to the bathroom to secretly take a test. At 5 minutes I started to see a vvvvvfl and freaked out! I grabbed another Wondfo and dipped it in and that one showed a line too! 
I was shaking and thought about keeping it a secret until Father's Day but I couldn't contain myself! I told my boyfriend and he was a bit confused at first. The thought it was an OPK! I told him it was a pregnancy test and that even a faint line is a positive. He was speechless!
I'm glowing today. I am just so happy! Today is 12DPO. AF was due Monday the 20th. Fingers crossed on my sticky bun! I'm going to call the doctor once I start seeing a stronger line. 
What's your BFP story? We're going to be mammas at the same time!