Early AF after mmc and first AF?

Hello.... Wondering if anyone has had this situation? I miscarried in April, my first pregnancy and I was heartbroken - worst day of my life.  Thankfully it was a complete miscarriage, no intervention necessary. I was told at hospital that my next AF could take a while and be heavy. It took 6 weeks and wasn't so heavy. Then a month later just this week I see spotting on 8dpo and wonder if it's implantation bleeding and I get all excited. The next day it turns into a river of what I assume is AF with truly horrendous cramps for a couple of days - AF is over a week early.  I assume it's AF anyway, too heavy to count as spotting anymore. Very unlike me. I have only seen info about AF being late after the first AF post mmc, anyone come early?  Hormones still Messed up after mmc even though I was quickly showing a negative pregnancy test
Thanks girls, baby dust to everyone and I am sorry for your losses.