Needing some advice

Hi guys..I was so excited to get my BFP yesterday morning but now I'm starting to worry a little wondering if any of you could offer me some advice.
My last period started may 29th and ran about 9 days. We had sex the day before and after my period ended (sorry tmi) 
And I just started trying to track my ovulation as I've been told it occurs about two weeks after your period ends. 
Well I took 4 tests (first response) and all came back positive. 
I am very confused!! Is this a false positive I'm seeing? How could I possibly be pregnant so soon??  😕😕 
Also I had a miscarriage at 7 weeks on April 16..I tested and tested before I got my period on May 29th hoping I'd be pregnant and they all were an obvious negative..aunt flow came and now I'm seeing positives. 
Very confused ..