Does he like me or not?

So I got out of a long term relationship not too long ago and this guy that I have known for about a year came over the other day. We instantly clicked the day we met and we get a long really well. Anyways he lives out of town he drove a round trip of two hundred miles to see me, we sat and talked, watched a movie and one thing ended up leading to another and we had sex. I have PTSD which he is great about and knows how to handle it unlike my ex who would just get mad at me. He stayed the night of course and we cuddled and when he rolled over here held my hand and we slept back to back with our bodies mostly touching and our hands were intertwined. When it was time to leave he hugged and kissed me goodbye and messaged me when he made it home safely. We have spoken everyday but I usually have to message him first. He said he is stressed out and apologizes for seeming distant. He has talked about coming over again, he dropped the r word when he stayed the night but I think it was a heat of the moment thing. I just want to see if I can get some opinions on whether this could actually turn into an actual relationship despite the distance.